1H1B DAO Plan

1H1B Mission

The mission of 1H1B DAO is aiming to push the floor price of Hacash Diamond, the first PoW NFT, beyond that of Bitcoin.

It's a meme, but maybe it's real.


Bitcoin(BTC) is an unprecedentedly successful proof-of-work cryptocurrency whose store of value seems unmatched by any other crypto tokens, even the CryptoPunk, the NFT with the highest market value. However, the emergence of the first PoW NFT Hacash Diamond(HACD) has given us a glimmer of hope that there is another opportunity as exciting as BTC. This opportunity does not just live in our enthusiasm and imagination. It is happening.

The first HACD was mined on May 16, 2019. Its floor price has reached 200USDT from 1USDT. Each HACD of special shapes are trading for 1,000-20,000USDT on average. More excitingly, HACD AXTZZS #39336 was sold for 47,000USDT, which amounts to 1.1BTC. And HACD UBUXAB #50638 was sold for 2BTC. Both of these HACD's price have exceeded the BTC's uint price. This increase in price results from the fact that HACD has a similar PoW schema to BTC. But, unlike BTC, it is increasingly difficult to mine a HACD and there is an additional bid procedure after each HACD is mined.

As a collector of HACD, I believe that HACD would've had much bigger market share and influence if it was able to integrate into the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. HACD is based on Hacash block chain, not on Ethereum, resulting in its slow development. Since HACD does not have any team as backup, we are ready to set up a 1H1B DAO to achieve the goal of 1 HACD = 1 BTC. We believe that if we can achieve the goal of 1 HACD = 1 BTC, we can lead the whole PoW NFT industry to a new level.

The Road to the Mission

Value Goals

Achieve at least one pure HACD over 1 BTC(Achieved on 2022/01/09)

Achieve at least one 9 shapes set over 1 BTC

Achieve at least one special shape over 1 BTC

Achieve at least one normal HACD over 1 BTC

Achieve all HACD floor prices over 1 BTC

Achieve all HACD floor prices over 10 BTC

Achieve all HACD floor prices over 100 BTC

Impact Goals

HACD in the top 10 in NFT market cap

More than 10,000 HACD Collectors

At least 10 celebrities owns HACD

HACD appears in the film

HACD has mainstream media coverage (e.g. The New York Times)

HACD is auctioned at mainstream auction houses (e.g. Christie's)

HACD partners with famous brands (e.g. Tiffany & Co.)

Adoption Goals

Mainstream NFT marketplaces list HACD (e.g. Opensea)(Achieved on 2021/08/30)

Mainstream exchanges list HACD (e.g. Coinbase)

Mainstream wallets support HACD (e.g. Ledger)

HACD can cross from Hacash chain to mainstream public chains (e.g. Ethereum)

Mainstream metaverse projects support HACD (e.g. SandBox)


1H1B NFT is a very important proof in 1H1B DAO, which proves the status symbol of promoting 1 HACD = 1 BTC in the early days. At the same time, 1H1B NFT is an unreserved NFT, fully transparent, membership based, and multi-chain NFT whose membership benefits is fully provided by the members participating in the 1H1B DAO.

1H1B NFT has 4 types: H, B, HB same number, HB different number. There are 999 H and 999 B in total. HB requires the merging of H and B, so assume that all H and B are merged two by two and there are 999 HB in total.

Each 1H1B NFT has its own number, and the number is very important, which means the order of DAO support.

Number > 500
Different Number
Same Number

10 Features of 1H1B NFT

1.No one reserves any 1H1B NFTs, completely transparent distribution

2.1H1B NFT membership benefits are provided by DAO members

3.1H1B NFT is a cross-chain NFT, the first public chain is NEO blockchain

4.1H1B NFT has 4 forms of NFT: H, B, HB with the same number, HB with different number, which is convenient for DAO members to make layered empowerment

5.One H waiting list can only be obtained by donating at least 2 HACD

6.B can only be minted by KOLs that meet 1H1B DAO requirements

7.The minting order of H can be determined in advance by appointing the waiting list number of H by the KOL who has already minted B

8.After B has been successfully minted, H with the same number as B will be minted

9.The minting of HB will be decided by the owner who owns H and B

10.1H1B DAO has 3 types of goals, and the goals are determined by DAO members

Get Involved

How to Mint 1H1B NFTs

KOL(Key Opinion Leader) who meet the requirements can get B after completing the task and get two HACD donated by the H waiting list owner. After B is minted successfully, H with the same number as B will be mined. B and H will be traded freely by the holders, the combination of H and B with the same number can be merged to HB with the same number, and H and B with different numbers finally are merged to HB with different numbers.

Twitter KOLs

1-3K followers: Must complete Task A and select two additional tasks (not repeatable), including the hashtags #HACD or #HacashDiamond
3-10K followers: Must select task B to complete and choose another task
10-30K followers: Must select at least two tasks to complete
Over 30K followers: Must select at least one task to complete

Task A:Post at least one HACD-related tweet, Including mentioning at least one HACD feature and at least one HACD-related image
Task B:Post at least one HACD-related tweet,Including mentioning at least one HACD feature or at least one HACD related image
Task C:Quote at least one HACD-related tweet
Task D:Retweet at least one HACD-related tweet

*If you can make a twitter thread about HACD, even better!

YouTube KOLs

Task A:Must be over 1,500 video views video in 7 days. Must mention that HACD is the first PoW NFT, contains HACD images in the video
TaskB:Must be over 1,000 video views in 7 days. Must create original content about HACD, contain one feature of HACD and HACD is the first PoW NFT, contains HACD images
TaskC:Must be over 500 video views in 7 days. Must create original content about HACD, contain three features of HACD + HACD is the first PoW NFT, contains HACD images

3 steps to mint 1H1B-H

1.Fill in the formClick to open form
2.Donate 2-6 HACDs to the address: 123jZwE8eLmgqPk2j98CDYu1j7Jv5JDJxk to get the waiting list number in 24 hours. Check list
3.After waiting for 1H1B-B to be minted, 1H1B-H will be minted accordingly

Note: If your address want to have more than 3 H waiting lists, as long as you invite KOL to complete task with your one of waiting list numbers, then you can get one more chance to mint 1H1B-H.

1. Follow the steps in order, do not skip steps
2. Each address can mint 3 1H1B-H
3. Donate 2 HACD to get one H waiting list. So you can only donate 2, 4 or 6 HACD for each address

3 steps to mint 1H1B-B

( The minting starts from 2022/05/16 )

1.Have Twitter / Youtube account to meet the task requirements
2.Complete the tasks and fill out the form as requiredClick to open form
3.Receive two HACD and one 1H1B-B after verification by DAO

1. One HACD will be sent directly to your address, another one HACD you can get by inviting another qualified KOL to complete the task, or you can giveaway to your followers through the 1H1B DAO auditor's review.

3 steps to mint 1H1B-HB

1.Have H and B on one address and fill out the formComing soon
2.Send H and B to the address
3.Get HB after DAO verification

1H1B NFT Utilities By DAO Members

DAO Members come from indviduals, organzations or companies


Hacash.Diamonds will give 50% of the total transaction fees to 1H1B holders from May 16 to June 16, settled on the 16th of each month, in HAC or 1H1B NFT public chain tokens.

From June 16 to July 16, 40%, and so on, decreasing by 10% each month, until September 16 to October 16, 10%, then from October 16 to November 16, 9%, November 16 to December 16, 8%, and so on, decreasing by 1% each month, until June 16 to July 16, 2023, 1%, and 1% for each future month.

All the way up to 1000 HACD traded on the Hacash.Diamond platform with a floor price greater than or equal to 1 BTC price, the allocation of fees to 1H1B holders will stop.

Different 1H1B types have different holding weights.

H or B: 1 Stake
HB Different Number: 2 Stakes
HB Same Number: 3 Stakes
Example: Hacash.Diamonds has a total gain of 1 million transcation fees from May 16 to June 16, there are 5 HB same number, 10 HB different number, 20 H and 20 B. Then a holder of HB same number will gain 1 million * 50% * 3 / (3*5 + 2*10 + 1*40) = 20,000 USDT worth of HAC or 1H1B NFT public chain tokens.


Where can I get HACD for donation?

You can check https://docs.hacash.diamonds/build-a-collection/how-to-get and we suggest you can use QuickBuy built by hacash.diamonds to get some HACD.

What's the difference bewteen 1H1B-H waiting listing number and mint order number?

1H1B-H waiting listing number specify the order of the HACD donation. 1H1B-H mint order number specifically refers to the order in which B was minted, and H is the same as the B mint order number.

When will my 1H1B-H be minted?

If you can find a KOL completes the task and fill out the form to appoint your waiting list number, then your 1H1B-H can be minted. Otherwise, you have to wait.

Where can I buy and sell 1H1B NFTs?

1H1B NFT is currently on the NEO blockchain, so buy&sell are mainly on the NFT marketplace that supports the NEO blockchain, and we recommend trading in https://ghostmarket.io/